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Parent Involvement

Sanislo Elementary Parent Involvement Policy and Procedures 2021-2022 (2023-24 coming soon)

Sanislo Elementary appreciates and fosters strong parent involvement at the school and at home. We also understand the importance of forming solid partnerships with the community. These connections allow the Sanislo staff, families and the community to collaborate on promoting high achievement for every Sanislo student.

Sanislo Elementary recognizes that the assistance provided through the Title I program increases our ability to enhance the educational experience of our students, and to create strong family and community partnerships. Sanislo Elementary works to include families in our Title I program.

School Parental Involvement Policy

Sanislo Elementary, in conjunction with families, develops and revises the school parental involvement policy/procedures anddistributes it to our families each year. This document also is available to the local community in Spanish, Vietnamese and Somali.In addition, parents and the community have access to the document for review at the first PTA meeting, and our Multi-CulturalNight each year.

Families of Sanislo students are invited to an annual meeting, at a convenient time, where they are informed if Sanislo’s participation in Title I. They are apprised of Sanislo’s Title I plan and informed of their roles as involved partners in their child’s education. This school year, that meeting is scheduled for TBD.

Sanislo hosts a number of evening family events focusing on academic achievement. In addition, bilingual instructional assistants communicate with parents of different language groups at a variety of times so that non-English speaking parents can give input and ask questions about Sanislo’s academic program. An orientation especially planned for Kindergarten students and their families is held before school starts each year. An orientation for new 1st ? 5th grade families is held in the evening before school starts. Sanislo encourages and supports family members volunteering time in classrooms and on school projects. In the month of November, Sanislo also holds individual Parent/Teacher conferences. Scheduled conference are provided in the evening and on Saturdays to support families’ schedules. Interpreters are funded through Title I.

Sanislo PTA holds 3+ meetings per year. Child care is provided. PTA members attend the Building Leadership Team meetings when agenda items involve Parent/Staff Partnerships. Sanislo holds at least three Academic Family Nights each year. A curriculum night is held annually to provide families with curriculum information specific to their individual child’s classroom. An annual STEM night provides opportunities for families to engage in activities related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Technology. At literacy night families engage in ways to support reading and writing at home. The arts are celebrated through out the year through Art Walks and Instrumental music concerts.

Sanislo regularly informs parent about academic assessments. At the November Parent/Teacher Conferences, assessments and student work is reviewed with each parent. Student Progress Reports are sent home three times during the year. Student performance on the District Measures of Academic Progress (MAP computer-platform test), and the State Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA) are sent home to families.

Teachers and the Principal at Sanislo are available by phone, email, and in person to parents upon request. At the November parent/teacher conference, teachers go over the school/parent compact, and the parent, the students and the teacher all sign the document. Parents also participate in Student Intervention Team (SIT) meetings to help design intervention for students who are not yet meeting performance standards.

The School Parental Involvement Policy is available for parental review at any time in the school office. It is also sent home to parents. Review of the plan takes place at PTA meeting(s).


The Sanislo Parental Involvement Policy/Procedures have been developed/revised jointly with, and agreed upon with, parents of children participating in Title I program as evidenced by meeting minutes.

The Parental Involvement Policy/Procedures is revised on TBD , and will be in effect for the school year. The school will distribute these Parent Involvement Policy/Procedures to all parents of participating Title I children and make it available to the community on or before TBD .