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Anema, Lizzie

Art Teacher

Biography I love teaching art for many reasons but the best reason is seeing the joy that students display when creating a work of art that is entirely their own. Through combining the TAB philosophy of teaching artistic behaviors and class projects, students are able to grow, explore, and succeed in creating their own wonderful works of art. ,Personal Message I am so glad to be teaching at both Sanislo and Dearborn Park International. I believe all students are artists who are able to explore and create using their own interests/ideas. I'm here to help them create as a community of learners!

Ayer, Erika


Personal Message

Barker, Heather

Third Grade Teacher

Buenafe, Angela

Social Worker/Counselor

Burton, Gloria

1st Grade Teacher

Campano, Phyllis

Special Education Teacher

Carchedi, Joseph

Physical Education Teacher

Crowley, Shannon

Kindergarten Teacher

de Ita, Angela

5th Grade Teacher

Derry, Colleen

Instructional Asst - 203/7

Dhaqane, Abdullahi

Bilingual Instructional Assistant

Dugdale, Alexander

Instrumental Music Teacher

Biography Hilarious, Talented, Always hungry. I love music and I love teaching. I have a bunch of friends (see picture)I look forward everyday to sharing my knowledge and love of music with younger generations and have dedicated my life to the education and performance of music. WOOOOOHOOOO!!!!

Eckert, Wendy

Teacher-Elementary Specialist

Gbale, Amani

Custodial Engineer

Hanson, Clara

Instructional Asst - 203/7

Hanson, Lisa


Herfindahl, Erika

Special Education Asst/ISE - 203/7